Requirements Management

CALIBER specializes in identifying key requirements for projects so they may be verified during the life of the project.  We create design verification and construction inspection checklists, which are utilized to monitor and document contract compliance and performance throughout the life of the project.

A Compliance Team can be engaged as a dedicated, temporary or part-time resource to help manage the fulfillment of the requirements throughout the project.

  • Planning Phase – development of bid documents that focus on verifiable performance based requirements to assure that the product or service provided meet legal and customer requirements.  This includes identifying acceptance criteria and verification procedures.


  • Project Set-up Phase – implementing procedures and processes to control quality and to establish project controls, such as: document control and records management; submittals and RFIs; non-conformance tracking and issue resolution; drawing revision control; activity specific work plans; Inspection and Test Plans (hold point inspections, test frequencies, material clearance, etc.); daily coordination and scheduling; audit procedures.


  • Design Phase – develop design verification checklists for design submittals identified in the Work Breakdown Structure.   Depending on the complexity of the work, design verification checklists are created for each design discipline and/or work activity.    These checklists are utilized by designated technical reviewers to document the conformance/non-conformance for each design submittal.


  • Construction Phase – develop operation-specific self verification and inspection checklists that document the verification of key requirements for each work activity.


  • Commissioning & Closeout Phase – develop procedures early to facilitate the closeout of the project as work is completed.  Key procedures include: material clearance; punch list; final inspections; closeout submittals (i.e., as-builts, O&M Manuals, final design reports, final certifications and warranties, etc.).