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Inspection and Testing

Construction Engineering  Inspection (CEI).  CALIBER provides experienced and certified inspectors and construction engineers who have demonstrated experience and qualifications in areas such as:

Inspection Planning

  • Inspection & Test Plan development
  • Contract plans reading
  • Survey / as-built verification
  • Quality Check Point and hold point inspections
  • Work zone safety
  • Structures (bridges, noise walls, MSE walls, gantries, facilities, etc.)
  • Concrete inspection and testing
  • Earthwork and sub-grade inspection and testing
  • Asphalt inspection and testing
  • Drilled shaft inspection and testing
  • Pile driving
  • Traffic control and work zone safety
  • ADA compliance
  • Landscaping
  • Environmental compliance
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Storm water management and drainage
  • Utility inspection (underground and overhead)
  • Material receiving, storage, and handling
  • Material clearance
  • Other specialty inspections (electrical, mechanical, welding, coating, striping, plant / supplier inspections, etc.)


Construction Material Testing.  CALIBER has alliance partners whose focus and proven success is in fully integrating materials engineering into the innovative project deliveries on which we have been involved. Our team brings a new era of materials engineering, presenting innovative solutions to Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Owner Verification and Independent Assurance functions. The complementing spheres of design, materials, and construction knowledge are joined together into one, very complete quality program that meets clients’ goals, making CALIBER the preferred choice for highway infrastructure and other transportation projects of all sizes and types.