Get ISO 9001 Certified in less than 4 months for under $5,000

4×4 Online Consulting Program® for ISO 9001:2008

Quick Summary

  • Achieve ISO 9001 certification in 4 months or less
  • Step-by-Step guidance, training, auditing
  • Includes all documents and requirements
  • Detailed 16-Week project plan
  • Two support options available starting at 4 monthly payments of $625/mo.

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Program Overview

If you are looking for professional consulting assistance for your ISO 9001 certification but cannot afford the cost of hiring an onsite consultant, the 4×4 Online Consulting Program® from Core Business Solutions is a highly effective, affordable support alternative.  The 4×4 program is a step-by-step enrollment program that gives you the personal  guidance, documentation and on-demand training you’ll need with remote support from an experienced ISO consultant.  The 4×4 program will help you get your ISO 9001 certification done in 4-months or less.  Through the use of web-technology, telephone and email you’ll feel confident knowing we’re with you from start to finish until you’re successfully ISO 9001:2008 certified.

4×4 Online Consulting Program Details

4 Month Enrollment Program
This enrollment program is designed to assist you in completing your ISO 9001 certification in as little as four months (or less) from the start of the program following four basic steps.

This program is for you if …

  • you do not feel confident with a do-it-yourself approach.
  • you need be sure your certification stays on schedule.
  • you cannot afford the cost of onsite consulting.

The 4×4 Online Consulting Program will help you become ISO 9001:2008 certified on schedule and reduce the time you’d spend trying to figure out the process on your own.

The consulting assistance included in the 4×4 Online Consulting Program means that you will have professional consulting help in preparing for your ISO 9001 certification.  This additional help will ensure that your ISO documentation meets all of the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Your internal audit will be reviewed by our consulting team to ensure all ISO requirements have been successfully met.

With the Level 2 “Expert-Support” option, you’ll have one of our experience ISO 9001 consultants assigned as your personal coach to work one-on-one with you each step of the way.  Your coach will write a customized set of documentation based on your company’s unique operation saving you significant time and expense over the course of the project.  Using web-based technology, your coach will assist you “virtually” with your management review meetings and internal audit.  This added support helps to ensure the entire project stays on schedule and make sure everything is ready for the Registrar Certification Audit.

Personal Coaching

Upon enrollment in the 4×4 Program, you will receive all the necessary resources to get started.  Our consultants are available for assistance throughout the project by phone and email to provide guidance and answer your questions each step of the way.

Depending on the level you choose, you may be assigned a personal ISO Consultant.  Our consultants are here to offer support so you can get your ISO 9001 certification completed on schedule.  For example, our consultants may review drafts of your ISO 9001 documentation, assist you with your Internal Audit and, in some cases, “attend” (by phone) your initial Management Review meeting.  Our consulting office will be your point of contact for assistance throughout the ISO 9001 project.

Document Development

Our consultants will review the initial drafts of the required documentation for your ISO 9001 system to save you time and ensure all audit requirements are met.  This will include your quality manual, required procedures and required forms.    The Level 2 Expert Support 4×4 Program moves the responsibility for drafting your documents to your ISO consultant to save you even more time.

Virtual Internal Audit

Another major step in achieving your ISO 9001 certification is the completion of the Internal Audit – a complete internal review of your processes, documents and records.  Commonly, the ISO 9001 Internal Audit requires your organization to train a team of employees to serve as your Internal Auditors who then work to complete the audit.

A unique service in the 4×4 Program is that our consultants will assist with your Internal Audit “virtually”, meaning using web, phone and email.  Level 1 includes a detailed review of your completed Internal Audit Report to ensure your Internal Audit will be accepted by the Registrar for certification.  In the Level 2 Expert Support 4×4 Program your ISO consultant will take a more active role in your Internal Audit, and create the required audit records so they are ready for review during your certification audit.

Enroll Today and Complete Your Certification in 4 Months

4X4 Online Consulting ProgramWe invite you to get started today on completing your ISO 9001:2008 certification. Contact us to speak with one of our Senior Consultants about your company’s unique needs.

Or, to get started request enrollment in the next scheduled 4×4 Program that starts next month!

We’re here to help you be successful in your efforts to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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