FTQ360 – Construction QA/QC Software

Caliber has been working with FTQ360 to create new DOT inspection checklists to offer our clients in the transportation, transit, and heavy civil infrastructure industries.  
Start Improving quality and eliminate recurring issues today!
FTQ360 does more than track and manage inspections and punch lists. See how.

What is FTQ360?

FTQ360 is quality and safety inspection and punch list software. Gives you a consistent quality and safety control process that’s easy for everyone to follow. Paper-free, Cloud based.


Here’s how it works. You…



With FTQ360, you can:

  • Have a consistent process that’s easy for everyone to follow
  • Make cost-saving quality and safety improvements
  • Save time by simplifying your inspection and punch list processes
  • Reduce risks with permanent records documenting your due diligence
  • Hold responsible parties accountable
  • Improve communications between project personnel
  • Establish measurable quality and safety goals

Who is FTQ360 For?

All construction companies such as:

  • Home Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Construction Management Companies
  • Owners/Representatives

No Installation is Required

FTQ360 is a hosted, cloud-based software system. So…

  • No installation required
  • Use with any browser
  • No programming required
  • Downloadable app for iPhone, iPad, or Android


FTQ360 runs on all Web-enabled computer devices such as: iPads and iPhones; Tablet PCs and Androids;  Standard Office or Notebook Computers.

Dashboards and Reports

Improving quality is a continuous process. But, how do you know what to improve to get the most benefits? For this, you need to know which issues are recurring, which are costing you the most money, time delays, and/or creating the greatest risks. Then, and only then, will you be able to prevent those problems from happening repeatedly, project after project, house after house, or area after area. FTQ360 reports give you that information.


Reports Include:


  • Dashboard Reports – track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • On-demand Reports – view online or download to pdf
  • Automatically Emailed Reports – keep everyone informed with scheduled reports emailed weekly and monthly reports
  • Wide-variety of Reports – Choose from a large selection of standards reports with filters for vendor, task, and project or community
  • Import/Export Data – Create custom reports by combining data from FTQ360 with data from other sources

How to Use Reports to Improve Quality

Analyzing how well you are meeting your goals is essential to improving quality. As such, it’s also an important part of the PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT cycle. FTQ360 Dashboards and Reports give you the information you need to see what’s working and what’s not.

Having a healthy quality management system means everyone needs to participate in the process. In addition to showing you whether your quality is improving, you’ll also see how well subs and superintendents are following your system. So you’ll know who needs training and who needs reminding.

Add Pictures, Notes, Issues, and Measurements Directly on Checklists

Add Performance Scores & Notes to Improve Communications


Email your Inspection along with Required Corrections and a Due Date


Create Punchlists Directly on Your Checklist


Create Separate Punchlists and Correction Items


Manage Your Inspections & Correction Lists


Easily Edit Preloaded Checklists or Create Your Own


Review Your Key Performance Dashboards


Analyze Drill-down Reports

Online and Automated Weekly and Monthly Reports.



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